Fire ~

 +:+WTG+:+ **Fire cold** ear pierces
 +:+WTG+:+ **Fire cold** jeweled nails
 +:+WTG+:+ **Fire cold** necklace female
 +:+WTG+:+ **Fire hot** ear pierces
 +:+WTG+:+ **Fire hot** jeweled nails
 +:+WTG+:+ **Fire hot** necklace female
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All About Autumn Fair and Acorn Hunt item

 +:+WTG+:+ ** Golden acorn** ear pierces
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Lucky board

 +:+WTG+:+ **Golden acorn** necklace

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Oct. Group gift

 +:+WTG+:+ **Halloween Fever** October GG (female) 2013
+:+WTG+:+ **Halloween Fever** October GG (unisex) 2013
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 +:+WTG+:+ **PJ07** set

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