Christmas mini Hunt

The letter arrived from Santa Claus.
"HoHoHo! I hid everybody's gift in various stores. Can you find it? "
Now this is serious!It seems that Santa Claus hid the empty-gift andright-gift in various stores!
Please find the right-gift without being confused!

[ How to participating ]
Please look for a gift in an order from the following start points.
The object containing a gift and the empty (imitation) object are hidden in each store.
LM of the gift of the store and the next store is contained in the right-object.
It is dependent on Santa Claus's feeling to what kind of store it goes :P
Since there is no store list, please follow the START POINT
tp to +:+WTG+:+ main store


With Love ,Again Hunt!

With Love Again.....Hunt item.(+:+WTG+:+ **Soul** necklace and ear-pierces set)
 Oficial page

tp to +:+WTG+:+ main store


2011 Dec Group Gift

+:+WTG+:+ **Corsage-bg**  necklace,ear-pierce (L) & (R) and bangles

tp to +:+WTG+:+ main store

Peace On Earth Hunt

 POE4 hunt items; +:+WTG+:+ **Corsage-wg**  necklace and ear-pierce (L) & (R)
tp to +:+WTG+:+ main store